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Q*bert Club – 0

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This was design number 2 of 12 in my exhibit at UMOCA. The inspiration for the materials and colors in this set came from a beautiful photo of some fantastic architecture at a night club. More in this set to come.

This image is one in a set named “Q*bert Club”, a series I designed for my exhibition at the Utah Museum Of Contemporary Art (UMOCA) which ran from September 19th until October 16th, 2014.

Joy Division’s 1979 Unknown Pleasures Album Cover



*realizes joy division did some real quick fs photoelectron spectroscopy for their dumb album cover*

1) Joy Division’s 1979 Unknown Pleasures album cover actually features a data visualization from the first known pulsar, PSR B1919+21, discovered by Jocelyn Bell Burnell in 1967, and discovered by the band’s drummer in the Cambridge Encyclopedia of Astronomy.

2) It is not dumb.