Clive Pierce – Unleash Your Dogs

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Do you have time to wait forever, and live your life a never never
Take a blade and cut your tethers, and leave behind your white feathers.
Catch yourself a breeze, spill out all your seeds, don’t wait you may never last the day
Don’t hold back, what are you waiting for?
Unleash your dogs, step outside your box, don’t wait you may never last the day.
Ride upon a tide, don’t hide inside, don’t wait you may never last the day.
(Words and Vocals Clive Pierce)

All of this was created, it turns to dust when you check out.
It gives its power to the nameless, inventing riots in the south.
Oh my knight you are my mercy, the dark waters of this wrath.
Don’t you want to become fearless, don’t you dare to drown in lies.
(Words and Vocals Natalie Alva)