Echodrone – When The Two Ends Meet

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Echodrone’s 2015 release, Five, heralds a sea change for the band in many ways. Musically, Five arrives at a destination first set by founding members Eugene Suh and Brandon Dudley, mixing reverb-drenched guitars with glitchy electronics and dreampop vocals to create a coherent mélange of tracks aimed to satisfy aficionados of shoegaze and IDM alike. Five also represents the next phase of Echodrone, realized fully only with the influences and songwriting input of new members Mike Funk, Jim Hrabak and Rachel Lopez.
Throughout Five, Echodrone explores the sounds of transitions. From arranging evocative melodies into unique pop song arrangements to applying standard rock band formats into 21st century workflows, Five takes everything Echodrone cares about musically and carries it into new territory.
Five is an auditory journey that mirrors the life of five individuals coming together virtually to create the fifth album of Echodrone. It is the cathartic soundtrack that maps the human experience through their eyes, as the quintet transitions from old jobs to new jobs, old friendships to new friendships, and old loves to new ones. To the band, Five is the perfect blend of shoegaze and electronic elements. They hope it is for you as well.