Automelodi – Digresse

Surlendemains Acides is the second full length from Xavier Paradis’ project Automelodi, and his first on new label Electric Voice Records.
As with Automelodi’s past efforts, this sophomore LP does offer a nod to obscure ‘80/’90s European electronic music —artists such as Trisomie 21 and Grauzone among others— but the main focus of the arrangements, melodies and production on Surlendemains Acides is to frame and carry the album’s very dense and personal lyrical universe: a bittersweet, angular path, haunted by shades of anxiety and disenchantment. These themes translate especially well through Paradis’ cold, yet shimmering French vocals, to create a listening experience with both unusual depth and levity. As Paradis clearly moves towards straightforward songcraft on this latest effort, the Automelodi project is elevated beyond a brilliant work of post modern electronic music to become a true stand-out within the broader context of popular music.